November 2, 2022

A Successful Come Back – SatLab Celebrated an Outstanding Achievement at INTERGEO 2022

In this autumn, INTERGEO 2022, the international event for the geospatial community, was successfully held from 18 – 20 October in Essen, Germany. With 457 exhibitors from 31 countries, around 14,000 trade visitors from 102 countries, INTERGEO is once again building on its successes before the Corona pandemic. (data from: INTERGEO OFFICIAL – Inspiration for a smarter world)

Intergeo 2022

This year, SatLab took part in this great event to meet with the community and showcase advanced and innovative technologies for the sectors of geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

With a special focus on digital twins, SatLab team is dedicated to the research and development of technologies to reflect reality in a virtual way, hence promising higher working efficiency and wider industrial applications.

The latest dual-camera RTK – Eyr, lightweight RTK – Freyja, handheld SLAM scanner – Cygnus, HD total station – SLT10, cost-effective GNSS sensor – GS-1, marine family including positioning and heading GNSS receiver – Njord, dual-frequency echo sounder – ES-224, side scan sonar – Hydroscan, ADCP – HydroFlow, as well as industrial solutions for construction, natural resources, mining, transportation, utilities, 3D scanning & mapping, infrastructure, and hydrographic were presented at SatLab’s booth, and visitors showed their great interest in our exhibits which were practical and application-oriented for their fieldwork.

Intergeo 2022

Eyr, a new dual-camera GNSS RTK with image positioning technology, provides a real-time stakeout method to the surveyors which makes finding points easier and quicker, overcoming the objective limitations of the fieldwork.

Intergeo 2022

Freyja, a full functionality GNSS receiver that weights only 800g, offers land surveyors a portable choice which is especially useful and effective for working at mountains or wide working range, minimizing the burden from the physicality and extending the functionality of fieldwork.

Intergeo 2022

Cygnus, a handheld LiDAR 3D scanner, supports and assists you in improving 3D point cloud data acquisition efficiency to the fullest and processing real-time data quickly and enabling data preview.

Intergeo 2022

SLT10, a total station with high-definition color screen, contributes to the convenient and high-precision operation, ensuring the stability of surveying, significantly enhancing the surveying experience.

GS-1, a full constellations and full frequencies GNSS sensor for customization, which is suitable for monitoring, CORS, marine, machine control and other GNSS applications. 

 Unlock Your Mobility

We won’t stop our pace to keep up with the trends that are impacting the geospatial landscape, and we strive to provide high-performance and premium products coupled with innovative solutions for Smart Cities, Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainability, mobility and climate change, which are not only consistent with the focal point of INTERGEO 2022, but also the sustainability themes.

It was so inspiring to know that SatLab’s products have impressed everyone who stopped by our booth, and we would like to thank our partners and customers from all over the world for meeting us digitally and on-site. 

Next year, INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin, see you around!