Njord Positioning and Heading GNSS Receiver

The Njord is SatLab next generation multi-GNSS, multi-frequency position, position and heading receiver designed specifically for marine and construction applications with capability of L-Band correction and multiple I/O interface for versatile data communication.


Advanced GNSS RTK Engine

Shared with the same platform as the Satlab’s most advanced GNSS engine, its flexible satellite signal management helps you get more accurate solutions and provides 20 percent improved performance for position and heading in challenging GNSS environments.

Easy Operation & Connection

Status and operation can be easily done with the control panel on the front side while there are plenty of physical ports to output the required data at the rear side for different purposes.

Standby Power for Harsh Environment

Three-hour duration power reserved in the receiver as a standby source to support the work in urgent case when external power is unexpectedly suspended.


  • Marine engineering measurement
  • Navigation and positioning
  • Displacement monitoring of operating platforms
  • Tide level monitoring