HydroScan Side Scan Sonar

With the possibility to switch freely between CW and CHIRP on multiple frequencies, at 100kHz, 400kHz or 900kHz, the side scan sonar system provides a clearer view of the water bottom on dual simultaneous frequency, for object searching, dredging, and other industry applications.


Multiple Frequency Available

There are multiple frequencies available to use according to required applications.100/900kHz, 400/900kHz and 400kHz, users can always find a suitable mode.

Real-time CW & CHIRP

Real-time switching provides an adaptive solution for users, while the anti-noise performance is improved, the resolution higher and the range longer.

Multiple Internal Sensors

By integrating the sensor for heading, pitch, roll, depth and pressure, images are corrected in real time and related reference information can be acquired to ensure operational safety.

Ultra Small Beam Angle

Ultra Small Beam Angle. Beam angle can be up to 0.2°, providing resolution up to 1.25cm, so it is easy to recognize smaller objects.


  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Channel/Clearance Surveys
  • Search&Rescue&Found
  • Water Construction Inspections
  • Geological surveying and mapping
  • Environmental Habitat Surveys
  • Cable Route & Pipeline surveys