Become Our Partner

SatLab Geosolutions AB is constantly expanding its market both horizontally and vertically and actively looking for global partners especially in Europe. 

What will you gain from being SatLab’s Partner?

  1. Expansion of Your Core Business

From Field Surveying to Aerial Mapping, SatLab offers unique hardware/software and integrated solutions to enhance our users’ mobility, which can help you solid the competitive advantages in the market.

  1. More Opportunities for New Business

With its efforts in the Geospatial industry for several decades, SatLab has unique perspectives on the logic of upstream & downstream of this industry, which can be applied to our solutions to help the users boost their productivity and dig out more opportunities for our partners.

  1. Timely Technically Support

SatLab is a Swedish based company with global branches in Poland, Czech, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong and our professional technical support team worldwide makes sure that we can respond to clients within 24 hours.

  1. Online and Offline Marketing Support

SatLab actively embraces online marketing. Up to now, we have built up the website-centric online marketing matrix, which consists of social media, webinars, Geo-matching, DirectIndustry and other industrial media such as GIM, Geospatial and XYHT, etc. (*All the leads will be delivered to our partners accordingly).

SatLab holds global and regional Geosocial Networking Forum many times each year to gather professionals and customers to share their insights and thoughts of the industry, as well as Sat-Live Day to enable our potential customers to fully experience a pilot project.


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