ES-224 Dual-frequency Echo Sounder

ES-224 dual-frequency echo sounder is widely used in sediment measurement for dredging and other water depth measurement projects in shallow water, deep water, and high sandy water. The full-featured SLHydro Sounder hydrographic software integrates bathymetry, navigation, and post-processing. Equipped with a 17″ large screen and industrial computer platform, ES-224 offers a set of reliable solutions for hydrographic offices around the world with a robust dual-frequency transducer and a user-friendly survey Rod.


The Combination of High and Low Frequency

ES-224 features the simultaneous operation of both high and low frequencies at the same time, making it superior in both shallow and deep water.

The Full-Featured SLHydro Sounder Software

Status and operation can be easily done with the control panel on the front side while there are plenty of physical ports to output the required data at the rear side for different purposes.

Rugged Industrial Platform

ES-224 is designed with an enhanced computer platform, and has excellent performance in terms of stability and anti-interference, and compliant with EN 60945. 3 RS-232, 4 USB ports and 1 VGA to meet data transfer needs.

Superimposed echogram and digital bathymetry

Correct the faulty digitized results based on the superimposed echogram to ensure the reliability of depth result especially in complex scenario.


  • Tracking of the Seabed
  • Sediment Measurement for Dredging
  • Turbid Water with High Sand Content
  • Measurement at High Speed