April 11, 2022

SatLab Shone in GeoSmart India 2021

During the 7th-9th of December 2021, the GeoSmart India 2021 was successfully held in Hyderabad, India. It is a platform for high-level networking, knowledge sharing, and capacity building, which also provides an opportunity to enhance business reach. Our local dealer Elkay Electromech India attended this annual event on behalf of SatLab and we are proud to exhibit our products and solutions on-site.

The theme of the conference was “Advancing the Role of Geospatial Knowledge in the Indian Economy.” More than 800 delegates from the geospatial community shared their experience and ideas, highlighting the value of geospatial information for making India self-reliant in economic sectors.

During the three-day meeting, six features were delivered: Space Infrastructure and Indian Economy; Location and Business Intelligence; Land and Registry; Water Management; Construction and Infrastructure; Defence and Intelligence. Besides, exhibitions are also the highlight, at which we are excited to present SatLab GNSS receivers: Freyja, SL700, SL900, SLT series total station, and CORS solution. We hope to establish a closer association between the customer and SatLab Geosolutions AB can help surveyors discover more possibilities in the geospatial industry.

GeoSmart India 2021 | SatLab

Freyja GNSS Receiver

With integrated RTK technology, the Freyja GNSS receiver offers efficiency and reliability as an advanced positioning solution. It adopts a new GNSS antenna, which enhances the anti-interference ability and tracking capabilities of the low elevation angle. Moreover, the 9-axis IMU sensor and real-time pole-tilt compensation guarantee quality results under any severe measurement conditions.

SL700 GNSS Receiver

Powered by an advanced engine, this receiver offers precise positioning and advanced interference mitigation which performs outstandingly even in the most challenging environments. The capability of 555 channel tracking can track all current and upcoming signals, offering sub-meter to centimeter precise positioning with different modes ( PPK, RTK, Static).

SL900 GNSS Receiver

SL900 is capable to deliver high accurate GPS data in real-time to any device via Bluetooth connection. Featured with satellite correction service, compact and lightweight design, this GNSS receiver is one of the most flexible solutions that promise positioning reliability.

TR7 GNSS Receiver 

TR7 provides surveyors with industry-leading GNSS solutions since it is a receiver that supports 800 channels from multi-constellation and admits protocols of various brands. A High-resolution OLED panel can assist surveyors to check the working states. Moreover, a tilt survey can be done by shaking the surveying pole.

SLT Series Total Station

The SLT Series total station has a fast and powerful reflectorless EDM (0.8 seconds) that is designed to provide high accuracy with an efficient workflow. SatLab has combined the best field technologies and specialized engineering features to ensure a long-time operation and full functionality.

CORS solution

The SatLab CORS is a highly integrated measurement system, including GNSS reference receiver, 3D choke ring antenna hardware, algorithm software, and technical services. The VRS technology and high-precision error-correction technology support longer baseline processing and output reliable with centimeter and millimeter-level precision.

GeoSmart India 2021 |About SatLab Geosolutions AB

SatLab Geosolutions AB is a Swedish-based company specialized in global satellite positioning products and solutions. Founded by a bunch of aroused and pioneering engineers, with a complete of over forty years of expertise within the GNSS trade, the management team is formed up focusing on analysis and development, the SatLab Geosolutions team works round the clock to make an innovative product for surveying professionals across the world, providing superior complete solutions.