SLT Series Total StationHighest Precise Total Station Uses for the Toughest Conditions

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SLT Series Total Station

The SLT Series total station has a fast and powerful reflectorless EDM (0.8 seconds) that is designed to provide advanced accuracy with an efficient workflow in a sleek body. In order to ensure long-term operation total station surveying in adverse weather conditions, various environmental tests by robotic total station such as vibration, drop, temperature, and humidity were performed to achieve the highest quality.

Maximum Flexibility and Great Performance

Designed to overcome challenging work situations, Satlab has combined the best field technologies and specialized engineering features to ensure that the SLT Series provides the highest level of accuracy. Capture measurements faster and easier with our intuitive onboard software (Satcont) using a dual colour LCD display.

Increased Efficiency with Enhanced Accuracy

The SLT Series is the most ideal entry-level work site surveying tool that offers flexibility and reliability, enabling you to get the job done without sacrificing on functionality. Equipped with a fast and reflectorless EDM, as well as the Satcont onboard software, the SLT Series is built to last.

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Delivering Quality Equipment

Manufactured in an ISO, and CE certified factory, each total station is made with proper protocol and procedure that adheres to every operating aspect as well as stringent quality assurance checks that ensures the highest quality.



  • Construction Surveying
  • Layout and Survey
  • Road Works
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