Lixel X1 Handheld SLAM Scanner

Lixel X1 real scene 3D reconstruction scanner – a compact, powerful, and precise LiDAR scanner for capturing real-world scenes and generating detailed 3D models instantly without post-processing.
Powered by advanced SLAM technology, this lightweight and integrated device offers real-time data capture and immediate data preview.

precise slam scanner

1. Fast Capturing & Real Time Modelling

Utilizing real-time data decoding and modeling technology, point cloud data is immediately generated within a mere 5 seconds inside the precise LiDAR scanner right after scanning. This allows for the immediate monitoring of reconstruction effects in the LixelGo software, ensuring high-quality data.

2. Integrated Design

Lixel X1’s integrated design of LiDAR, visible-light camera, motion camera, high-precision inertial navigation technology, and high performance computing eliminates the tedious operation steps and makes your scan easier and simple. And the complex structure is of excellent heat-sinking capability.

3. Continuous Operation & Breakpoint Scanning

60 minutes of ultra-long continuous operation time and high capability in resuming the scanning from the break-point. No need for segmented scanning in large scenes and greatly improves the efficiency of measurement and data analysis.

4. Multi-platform Brackets

In addition to being portable, the precise LiDAR scanner Lixel X1 can be attached to a backpack, a vehicle and UAV. The flexibility makes the Lixel X1 a flexible mobile mapping solution in a variety of working locations.


  • Topographic Mapping
  • Agriculture & Forestry Survey
  • Engineering Survey
  • Volume Calculation
  • Emergency Mapping
  • Underground Space