HydroBoat 990 USV

Truly convenient, truly powerful, and truly reliable HydroBoat 990 is an Android-powered USV system for bathymetric surveys. With only one man, one boat, and one controller to get the bathymetric surveys done.

With easy-to-use Android software and an integrated and practical boat structure, the HydroBoat 990 sails fast and measures accurately with excellent technical performance.

Hydroboat 990



The reliable software SLHydro USV is installed on a smart Android controller featuring bathymetric measurement, course planning, online map, and video cruising. A GNSS receiver and SBES echo sounder are well-equipped on the boat, all you need is to simply click “Connect “, and the GNSS system, together with the echo sounder and video system will be automatically configured on the SLHydro USV. Simple and convenient enough, say goodbye to communication stations and computers.


Built-in high-precision positioning and heading GNSS receiver and INS sensors for correct direction, and real-time display of echo information for determining the topography of the seafloor. The hovering function keeps the boat in place while in flowing water, and the overall structure of the boat stabilizes the boat and reduces bow rise.


Millimeter wave radar accurately detects obstacles to ensure the safe sailing of the vessel. The IP67 waterproof and double hull design keeps the HydroBoat 990 from abrasing and sinking, and staying intact from the unexpected impact. Reliability matters in the field!