SatLab SL7, a compact and portable GNSS receiver with visual stakeout function, it’s energy-efficient that supercharged by an advanced chip, providing up to 24 hours of operation time.The HD starlight-grade camera at the bottom allows you to perform visual stakeout accurately, and its 750g lightweight body and AR stakeout function make traditional surveying and mapping work easier and simpler.

portable GNSS receiver


1. Powerful Satellite Tracking and Anti-jamming Capabilities

SatLab’s unique design and self-developed antenna promise a stable and efficient operation. A highly integrated motherboard chip with low power consumption, supporting up to 1408 channels, tracks full constellations and frequencies. The excellent hardware configuration suppresses signal interference and obtains high-quality satellite-tracking data, ensuring performance and accuracy even in complex environments.

2. Visual Navigation Makes Stakeout Easier

Star-level HD camera provides users with immersive 3D visual navigation and stakeout experience. The featured AR stakeout on the Satsurv software provides guidance of the pointing arrow on the real scene and the real-time distance display to users for quickly locating the target point. And the AR function can also be performed in activities such as line stakeout and CAD-based map stakeout. The AR stakeout improves working efficiency by nearly 50% compared with the traditional graphics and text mode stakeout.

3. Accurate and Reliable Tilt Measurement

The portable GNSS receiver SL7 utilizes SatLab’s most advanced tilt measurement technology, and with a built-in 200Hz IMU module and automatic initialization upon turning on can automatically complete the tilt calibration process without waiting for a fixed solution during operation. And it can measure and stakeout with survey-grade accuracy within a tilt compensation range of up to 60°, increasing efficiency by nearly 30%.

4. Longer Battery Life and Better Portability

Optimized the whole structure with new hardware, the portable GNSS receiver weighs only 750g, Its energy-efficient hardware design ensures an extended operational battery life of up to 24 hours, allowing users to enjoy portability without worrying about battery drain.


  • Mapping
  • Land Survey
  • Hydrographic
  • Agriculture
  • UAV Base Station