SAL32 Automatic Level

With a focus on maximum performance, the SAL32 Automatic Level is capable in meeting requirements of all fields. Featuring a lightweight and easy-to-grasp compact body, this auto level provides durability, accuracy, and precision. The optimally designed optical lens provides a clear and sharp view that has a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce light interference during fieldwork.

Air Damping Compensator

The SAL32 Automatic Level is designed to optimize human performance for operational efficiency which is the perfect tool at any work site. Featuring a unique automatic air-dampened compensator to prevent magnetic interference, and an endless horizontal fine drive to ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement, Satlab engineered this automatic level to be rated IP66 to help make accurate measurements despite challenging conditions.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Designed to overcome the toughest work site environments, the SAL32 Automatic Level guarantee no interference from atmospheric pressure which ensures consistency even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Delivering Quality Equipment

Manufactured in an ISO, RoHS, and CE certified factory, each automatic level is made with proper protocol and procedure that adheres to every operating aspect as well as stringent quality assurance checks that ensure the highest quality.


  • Construction Surveying
  • Layout and Survey
  • Road Works