HydroBeam M4 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

The HydroBeam M4 is an ingenious and compact portable multi-beam bathymetric system, brought to life by SatLab. It boasts exceptional precision without the need for frequent calibration, making it an ideal choice for lightweight operations.

Its compact design, coupled with its intelligent features and circular transducer, renders it effortlessly deployable on a range of platforms, including USVs, AUVs, and ROVs. This versatility empowers users to swiftly conduct precise measurements at any location and time, liberating them from the constraints of traditional multi-beam systems. Moreover, it ensures the dependable and stable operation of unmanned missions across diverse environments, from serene lakes and meandering rivers to bustling harbors, ports, terminals, and intricate waterways.

M4 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder


Diverse Compatibility

The compact cylindrical shape of Φ228mm and lightweight design of 5.9kg makes it easily compatible with varous unmanned platforms, and ease in transport and deployment in various settings.

Reliable Performance & Seamless Integration

Supports up to 1024 high-density beams with resolutions up to 7.5 mm, maintaining high performance and accuracy across different tasks and conditions. Built-in INS and SVS in the transducer, eliminating complex attitude calibration, simplifying setup and reducing downtime.

High Efficiency & Intelligent Operation

Adjustable scan width from 8° to 150° for up to 7.5x depth coverage, reducing survey repeats and increasing overall efficiency. Functional and smart survey software allows operators to monitor survey progress and reduces manual operation, and supports access to Kongsberg, R2sonic, Reson and other devices.


  • Pipeline Survey
  • Dredging Project
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Underwater Archeology
  • Harbor Survey
  • Reservoir Storage Survey
  • Environmental Research
  • Rescue and Salvage