Better Performance on RTK Receiver with External Antenna in the Forests

In October, we brought the SatLab SLC GPS RTK Receiver to a forest area in Poland, which is covered by wood for decades, to have a test about SLC’s performance under the shelter of the trees.

gps rtk


SatLab Toolbox:

The SATLAB TOOLBOX application is used for the one-time first configuration of the SatLab SLC receiver to download RTK/RTN corrections.

gps rtk

Power GPS – application for Android:

The test was conducted using the Power GPS application. The Power GPS configuration comes down only to connect the application to the SatLab SLC via Bluetooth.
3 points have been measured to compare the performance of the receiver with an internal antenna and with an external antenna. Below is a table with deviations.

NR Without external antenna With external antenna Differences[m] Remarks
X [m] Y [m] Accuracy X [m] Y [m] Accuracy X Y
1 5551852,533 7425414.139 1-2 cm 5551852.499 7425414.154 1 cm 0,034 -0,015
2 5551833.473 7425432.314 2-3 cm 5551833.446 7425432.334 2-2 cm 0,027 -0,020
3 5551807.127 7425423.096 4-5 cm 5551807.188 7425423.163 2-3 cm -0,061 -0,067 Measurement beside wall


Compared with the state surveying warp, the differences are about 1–2 cm when measuring with and without an external antenna.

gps rtk

Tests in forest areas

gps rtk

In the forest, the receiver only works with an additional external antenna. The position accuracy is 2 cm. When moving with the receiver, the accuracy is about 15–20 cm. It is necessary to stop for a few seconds to get an accuracy of 2 cm again. Below are the screenshots from the application and photos from the measurement place.

gps rtkA screenshot of the measurement of 15 points on a forest road and in a ravine.

Below are pictures of the place where the measurements were taken.

gps rtk


Great Performance

SatLab SLC works very well. It searches satellites quickly: in the open air, it can track 18–20 satellites. When equipped with an external or an internal antenna in open areas, it can provide good accuracy and quick initialization and stable connection, especially the high recurrence of the accuracy of measured points. The external antenna amplifies the signal. There is a visible difference from the measurement without the antenna between the buildings and in the forests, while in the open spaces, measurements can be taken without an additional antenna.

Simple operation and configuration

You need to configure the SatLab SLC Toolbox once only and it will remember all settings. Therefore, from the second time, all you need to do is to switch it on and to connect to a measuring application on your tablet or smartphone.


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