About Us

About SatLab

Geosolution i Göteborg AB is a global provider of satellite positioning solutions based in Sweden, with 9 regional offices and over 100 reputable dealerships worldwide. We are committed to delivering timely services around the clock.

Our advanced innovations in GNSS, Optical, LiDAR, and Sonar technologies, combined with our expertise in data processing and analysis software development, empower customers across a range of industries including civil engineering, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, Hydrology etc.

Through ongoing investment in R&D, SatLab aims to enhance productivity while ensuring user satisfaction. We are dedicated to helping our customers expand horizontally and dig vertically, fostering growth and unlocking their mobility.

Swedish Engineering and Technology

In the geospatial world, surveying professionals depend on the most accurate and precise measurements to build the world we live in. At SatLab, we pride ourselves in creating solutions with Swedish engineering and technology. We ensure that all our products meet our rigorous quality check and assurance, delivering the Swedish innovation the moment you power it up for your work, the technology you can rely on that are designed and engineered in Sweden.

Unlock Your Mobility

In today’s ever-changing world of emerging technologies, it’s crucial to harness the tools needed to keep up with trends that are impacting the geospatial landscape. Our commitment to innovation and technology integration is designed to help our partners and customers achieve high mobility both horizontally and vertically, enabling them to grow their businesses.