SLD-100 Echo SounderEcho Sounder

SatLab SLD-100 is a compact surveying grade depth sounder with an operational depth ranging from 30 cm to 100 meters. It provides standard depth string streams in $SDDPT, $SDDBT and $YXMTW at 1Hz, 4800 bps, which makes the SLD-100 compatible with any Hydrographic Surveying Software package.

It is an independently powered equipment, using an internal lithium battery which provides more than 10 hours of continuous operation. The SLD-100 is extremely easy to use, users can simply log the position and depth data into any external logging device that runs a compatible software.

Mounting accessories for the SLD-100 and transducer are included in the package making it simple to mount the sounder and to attach an RTK GNSS receiver.

SLD-100 housing is environmentally sealed to a rating of IP67, making it operational in the most challenging environments.



  • Mechanical Specification