SLA-1 Fixed Wing RTK UASPhotogrammetry UAS with RTK

Easy and Safe System

The Satlab SLA-1 is a photogrammetry UAS delivering high accuracy point cloud and orthophoto. With a highly optimized airframe, it features detachable pieces for easy transportation and operation. This model also has an advanced autopilot system that ensures safe operation at ease.

Mission Planning Software

Plan and upload your mission route to the SLA-1 autopilot using the Mission Planning Software. This autopilot function has an assisted hand launch and landing, which eases operations. 

Integrated Dual Frequency

The SLA-1 has an integrated dual frequency RTK (GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU) receiver which reduces the number of Ground Control Points (GCPs) required. There is a safety feature with a motor placed in the pusher configuration AFT of airframe, that significantly reduces the risk of an accident.