SL300 Multi-Purpose GNSS ReceiverThe Ultimate Expandable Handheld Smart GNSS Sensor with Multi Constellation Tracking

Instant Centimeter is in Your Hand

Satlab SL300 GNSS handheld receiver has been designed to reach centimeter accuracy instantly, without having to carry bulky GNSS systems. This unit fits every need for surveying and GIS applications. You can use the internal antenna or for even higher accuracy, the optional external antenna will provide reliable real time centimeter measurements.

Internal 3G GSM Modem

Satlab SL300 GNSS receiver is equipped with an industrial modem that includes all GSM frequencies and internet services. No matter where you are in the world, you are connected to the internet wherever a GSM signal is available. Our premium modem and antenna design also ensures that you have seamless operation, even in the areas with weak signals.

Latest GNSS Technology

Latest technology Novatel GNSS board receives and processes satellite signals to ensure instant and reliable results. It can track multi constellation satellite as well as all SBAS satellites. This expandability effectively future proofs the unit!

Highest Standards

Having full VGA (640 x 480), 3.7”Sun Readable screen, 5MP Camera, 8 GB of Flash Memory, 806 MHz processor, GSM Voice/Data and waterproof case with IP67 rating makes SL300 an exclusive product in the marketplace.

Antenna Options

Full constellation tracking on dual frequency signals ensures you always reach centimeter accuracies no matter which antenna you are using. The built in internal antenna provides fast and reliable results, with the convenience of no wires. For even higher accuracy, an external antenna kit can be selected.

Fully Compatible with SurvCE

Satlab SL300 GNSS receiver has been optimized to work with software packages from US software company Carlson Inc. In SurvCE, all survey modes from post processing to Real Time Kinematic are available.

Industrial Approach

Built with a very durable housing and industrial screen, to ensure an easy and reliable field experience. The screen is sensitive enough to pick any spatial object by using a stylus or finger under all light conditions.

Fast and Reliable Technical Support

One of the greatest benefits with Satlab is support. We ensure spare parts are always available and easy to access from any place in the world. We keep our distribution network apprised on all software updates and support them with everything needed to guarantee a great user experience.