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Roller System

Complete your compaction jobs quicker, with no reworks in a time-saving and cost-effective manner by avoiding over or under compaction.

Focused on the process control of compaction, the Satlab SCS700 system achieves smoother compaction results every time. With the Satlab roller, it helps to improve the overall quality and reduce operational costs.

Its application includes heavy construction projects such as railway formation layered filling compaction, drive base and formation compaction, dam base layered filling compaction, airport runway surface compaction or warehouse ground compaction.

The high-resolution rugged tablet could display the situation of the entire operating area including passes counts, fill-up thickness, moving speed and compactness, as well as help to operate the machine faster with accuracy and save fuel. The system provides comprehensive information about the project for all sides, reports the quality of the whole job area with analyzing the sampling points.

Key features

  • Full constellation centimetre level accuracy
  • Self-developed high-performance split-style compaction sensor
  • Real-time display of pass count and pass track
  • In-time data analyze and weak zone diagnose
  • Increase the level and effectiveness of compaction uniformity