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Pilers and Drillers System

The Satlab smart solution for drillers and pilers reduces human errors and maximises productivity at the job site. Control the rigs easily from the cab using a control panel to ease the work flow.

The PDS500 system collects all data on the rugged tablet with centimetre level rig position, vertical deviation value, drilling depth, drilling rate, drilling current value, feed speed and more.

With our Satlab software, the operators can work quickly and accurately using a visualized indication and guidance, to improve the piling success rates.

Wireless data transmission supports the web system to display and manage the processing progress in real-time. There is no need to stake out the positions of the drilling points or sheets to be piled. Using the latest GNSS technology, Satlab ensures fast and reliable positioning.

Key features

  • Centimeter level and 0.1° heading accuracy
  • Fast locating piles’ positions with low cost
  • Full perception with multi-sensor integration
  • High reliability when positioning under invisible sites
  • Wireless data transmission, multi-terminal management
  • More efficient use of the machine