Indoor Positioning Solution

The Satlab AI Localizer (SAIL) provides professional real-time indoor positioning using cutting-edge technology based on a combination of smart algorithms, and sensors for any kind of indoor environment.

Stay ahead with our leading Indoor Positioning Solution

Accurate Location Service Precision Tracking Service Smart Navigational Service Special Environment Positioning


Navigate with precision and accuracy with our high-tech solution based on Ultra-wideband (UWB), that can track and analyze your data. With the ability to integrate with various sensor technologies, the Satlab AI Localiser can provide multiple indoor or outdoor positioning solutions, above or underground.

SAIL Applications

  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Driverless Car Assistance System
  • Smart Substation Operation Management System
  • Tunnel Construction Positioning System
  • Smart Factory Management System
  • Smart Pipe-lane Inspection System


  • Precise clock synchronism;
  • Accurate timing, distributing and updating
  • Remote one-click configuration;
  • Various data transmission method;
  • Water-proof, explosion-proof, split-type and miniature available according to different needs


  • 64 digits global unique identification;
  • Resist from electromagnet interference and surge, water-proof and explosion-proof;
  • Long battery life up to 3 to 15 months;
  • Lightweight enclosure and compact design, withstand any harsh environment;
  • Adaptable to the various range of application conditions with various types: name badge, helmet, widget, wristband, vehicular stand, cargo accessory, etc.