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Excavator System

Increase your performance with the Satlab ECS900, with a highly advanced 2D and 3D visualization to reduce rework and maximise efficiency.

The smart excavation system ECS900 provides more possibilities to even the most complex excavating projects. Using the Satlab highly accurate GNSS receiver and multi-axis tilt sensors, the system calculates the real-time centimetre level 3D accuracy of the bucket tip.

The 2D and 3D software visualization allows operators a clear guidance using the rugged tablet installed inside the cab. It has user-friendly interface that helps dig right even under difficult circumstances with low visibility such as underwater or at night. Transfer your data easily from the office to machines, to increase efficiency and maximize productivity.

Key features

  • Full constellation centimetre level accuracy
  • 4 single and multi-axis tilt sensors and dual antenna GNSS receiver
  • 2D and 3D mode, full visual indication
  • Solid signal connection resists any harsh environment
  • Minimize the operation risk with minimum cost