May 12, 2023

Here’s How SatLab Explored In Ocean Business 2023


A whole range of ocean science and technology, from cutting-edge surveying innovation to the latest marine autonomous systems, was demonstrated at Ocean Business 2023 in Southampton last month. More than 5,000 experts from 80 countries were gathering at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) for exploring the ground-breaking innovations, and witness the exciting product launches and dockside demonstrations.  

During this three-day event, SatLab Integrated Marine System displayed comprehensive industrial solutions for the marine/maritime and water resources industries, which includes the Bathymetric USV System HydroBoat 990, Side Scan Sonar System HydroScan 900P, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler HydroFlow 600 & 1200, Multibeam Echosounder HydroBeam M4 and Heading GNSS Receiver Njord. The System aims to provide seamless and accurate data collection, analysis, and navigation capabilities for various marine applications.

Visitors stopped by our booth showed their great interests upon our new arrival especially the HydroBoat 990, the Android USV designed for autonomous or remote-controlled operation, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and flexibility for bathymetic surveys. Besides the USV, the advanced ADCP HydroFlow also catched visitors’ attention withits outstanding performance in gathering precision data deep within the ocean interior and its widely application for monitoring and surveying the discharge of rivers, canals, offshore, and other engineering projects.

We were so delighted to receive visitors from the sector and be able to forge relationships with the ocean community. We hope to meet you again in the near future to explore more possibilities for collaborations!

Static moments in SatLab stand




Alongside the exhibition and demonstration, experts and participants across the sectors were able to sit in the same venue and shared their insights of the technology development and the likelihood of future trends.

“Needs for exploring the underwater environment and measuring water flow during seasons are surging. And having a complete map of the seafloor is an essential piece of the pie for maintaining a healthy ocean and sustainable planet. “ said the visitors, “It is really fantastic to connect with groups of professionals and technologies across the continents meeting here, sharing the new technologies and solutions that help to make the ocean world better!”

Ocean Business 2025 will take place at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, from April 8-10. Visit: