February 9, 2023

From Good To Better: Hands-on Training on Modern Surveying Instruments in India

On 5th January 2023, SatLab Indian Team, together with partner APS technologies, was honored to address a course on the workshop of “High-End Hands-on Training on Modern Surveying Instruments” under the SERB funded Karashayal Scheme organised by Geomatic Engineering Group, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Research scholars from 20 different universities and institutions attended the workshop to better understand how the training works or how it can help them achieve their business and career goals. 


SatLab Indian team and APS team in IIT Roorkee

 With the purpose of passing practical geospatial knowledge in real-world scenarios to the young generations, the team conducted hands-on training, where participants were able to learn how to use the SatLab surveying and mapping instruments by trying out themselves in the actual environments. This was more interactive and immersive, as well as more helpful for the talents than any other video and webinar training methods.


Classroom training of the principles and applications of GNSS and SLAM technologies


Outdoor hands-on training of SatLab GNSS receivers section

The mainstream surveying instruments including total station and GNSS RTK were the main characters of this workshop, therefore, team SatLab introduced basic concepts and applications of GNSS and SLAM technologies, database management, and spatial analysis to the young talents as detail as possible. Meanwhile, the team compared the differences between each category in terms of measuring distance, accuracy & error, working efficiency, and conditions, so the talents would have a deeper grasp of the survey system.

During the training session, the innovative Eyr GNSS RTK stands out and impressed both professors of IIT Roorkee and participants with its dual-camera and breakthrough image surveying technologies, while other advanced GNSS rovers Freyja and SL900, the versatile LiDAR scanner Cygnus also received good reputations among them.


Presentation of SatLab latest innovations

“Genuinely impressed with the presentation and latest innovations by SatLab especially with the integrated cameras in the receiver Eyr. I am really looking forward to seeing the demo of the handheld SLAM scanner.” said Dr. Siddhartha Khare, professor of Department of Civil Engineering.

Hands-on training workshop offers best practices and helps participant keep up with the latest geospatial technologies, and furthermore realize the gaps or weakness in their professional skills, so as to prepare themselves for higher productivity and performance in their workplaces.


SatLab team with research scholars and the young talents