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Major Oil and Gas Corporation Implements Satlab’s Indoor Positioning Solution for Increased Management Intelligence

November 07, 2019 Ebook


The Satlab AI Localizer (SAIL) depicts the localisation of persons and devices within the floors to improve the safety and security aspects in the plant for effective daily inspection, assuring managers and crew members have everything under control.

Project Overview

As one of the major national players for the oil and gas corporation in China, CNPC needs to ensure that one of the most dangerous production area, the natural gas purification plant, adheres to a level of safety protection. Satlab Geosolutions deployed a smart management system for this plant of almost 1 hectare, located in Moxi, Sichuan Province of China.

The plant is a large industrial construction with three floors built as a purification facility with a very complicated internal structure. Such a large-scale plant creates safety productivity challenges for employees. It is essential to be in control of dangerous situations, equipped with in real-time alarm systems to accurately notify patrolmen of any threats that may pose a great risk to personal safety of employees in the plant.

Precise monitoring of the whole area includes the positioning of personnel, management, query and rescue, the locations and trajectories of the patrolmen will be marked in real-time on the management platform. The map will display the environment, personnel, and status of all equipments in the plant. Within the plant, the positioning management platform, video surveillance system, fire, and gas system, and other systems are integrated to provide a higher level of automated safety control.

Satlab Geosolutions successfully installed and implemented 75 base anchor units, 44 positioning tag units and 33 cameras in the plant, including 3D modeling integration.

Based on the CNPC’s requirements, the platform integrated a 1:1 factory 3D virtual environment, personnel positioning system, gas monitoring and alarm system etc. The use of advanced Ultra-Wide Band positioning technology and innovative solutions is provided with a diverse security system, from the field static equipment to the back-end dynamic real-time data integration to help with safety.

How It Works

The key advantage of the SAIL system is largely based on the ultra-wideband positioning technology (UWB). As compared to traditional positioning technology, UWB locates the time between ultrashort pulses and the time-difference-of-arrival (TDoA) can achieve higher accuracy despite electromagnetic and physical interference from the environment.

This means that the exact location of where the alarm is triggered will be highlighted on the 3D map, the CCTV camera will automatically target to that specific location with real-time display of the accident.