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October 20, 2020 Ebook


Indoor Tracking for Intelligent Management of the World’s Leading H-class Gas Turbines

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Indoor Tracking Case Study. At 11:26 p.m. on 13th September, power plants of megawatt-class large-scale in Zengcheng region, Guangzhou.

The total operating load of the plant exceeded 1 million kilowatts, making it the first CHD (China Huadian Corporation) project. The indoor tracking system from SatLab helps to realize intelligent management in the field.

Project Overview Indoor Tracking

The project is equipped with the world’s leading H-class heavy-duty combustion engine, constructing two sets of 670,000-kilowatt gas-steam combined cycle units with an annual power generation capacity of 4.384 billion kilowatt-hours, which will provide the main power supply for the Guangzhou loading center and provide high-quality energy such as electricity, heat, cold and hot water to enterprises in the area.

UWB Indoor Tracking Solution Solves Safety Challenges in Power Industry

Regarding the urgent need to adjust the energy structure, the development of the modern power industry is moving to a clean, low-carbon and intelligent management. The optimization of the whole process of power production, transmission and use, requires terminal sensors for flooded information collection and network transmission, in which detailed and accurate location data for the high-risk, difficult-to-control power industry is critical.

In the traditional power environment, there are many high-voltage and hazardous environments, making the supervision and management of inspectors a practical challenge. At the same time, visitors and construction workers cannot be warned of the danger in a timely manner, and there are great safety risks for personnel to enter. For this CHD Zengcheng Power Plant, the numerous sophisticated equipment and complex plant environment add new pressure to the intelligent management.

indoor trackingindoor trackingThe Zengcheng Power Plant has set up the SatLab high-precision indoor tracking system, which overcomes the complex operating environment, adopts ultra-wideband indoor tracking technology, and realizes real-time high-precision tracking, monitoring and control of personnel, vehicles and equipment by setting up tracking anchors on the site and wearable tracking tags for inspection of staffs, visitors and vehicles, combining with a video monitoring system and 3D visualization system to provide an intuitive and reliable guarantee for site safety.

Anchors: 300+ Unit
Tags: 100+ Unit
Area: 1.44 km²
Tracking Region: The interior of the plant, office areas and roads within the campus.

About CHD

China Huadian Corporation (Huadian Group) is one of the five largest state-owned power generation enterprises in China, administrated by SASAC for the State Council. It engages in the generation and supply of electricity and heat, and the development of power-related primary energy. It produces about 10% of China’s power along with Huaneng Group, Datang Group, Guodian Group and CPI Group.

About SatLab Indoor Tracking

The SatLab indoor tracking system helps realize real-time high-precision tracking data collection, historical track inquiry and path planning of field inspection of personnel to ensure the power inspection in the factory area. When the personnel encounters an emergency, press the SOS button on the tracking tag, the system can issue an alarm and call up the nearby surveillance camera, so that the management could check the scene situation in real-time; at the same time, it will delimit the important area and high-risk environment with an electronic fence, so that the system will issue a warning when the unauthorized personnel mistakenly enter, reminding the person to leave from the dangerous area in time.
For daily management, the system can provide intelligent auxiliary functions such as attendance rollcall, dispatching, emergency management, etc. A large number of location information collection also provides basic data support for subsequent management.

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