ENC Conference 2020

European Navigation Conference (ENC 2020)

ENC 2020
Event: European Navigation Conference (ENC 2020)
Date: 23 – 24 November 2020, ONLINE

Organizer : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation (DGON) -German Institute of Navigation

The European Navigation Conference (ENC) is the scientific conference on navigation in Europe, which is organized by the German Institute of Navigation(DGON). It will take place online during 23-24 November 2020.

The conference brings together scientists, engineers and international experts to discuss new ideas, the latest research results, future developments and new applications. High-level presentations will allow each participant to receive an in-depth view of the current status of satellite navigation technology. Topics include:

GNSS Updates & Policies ENC 2020

GNSS Algorithms & Techniques ENC 2020

Resilience and Autonomy 

Multi-Sensor & Data Fusion 

Aviation & Marine Navigation 

Space & Science Applications

Mobility and Transportation

Highlights of ENC 2020:

Speakers. Keynote speakers will be Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, and Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund, German part Center, chair of the chief Board.

Expo. A technical exhibition provides a chance for corporations, agencies and analysis establishments to show their offerings; it’ll be directly placed within the conference space.

With new virtual trends emerging in the navigation industry, we are witnessing its impact on how people stay connected and make it happen for information delivered by adopting the concept of digital events such as webinar live and industry trade show.

By virtue of ‘on-demand’ tools, SATLAB GEOSOLUTIONS AB presences its innovation GNSS products and integrated industrial solutions in high precision positioning and navigation applications, for example, high accuracy real-time Indoor Tracking System based on IR-UWB technology to track and analyze the position data without GNSS signal; high-performance intuitive Machine Control System to manage the worksite and guide operators with the series of GNSS receivers & sensors and supported by algorithms; SLS Mobile Laser Scanning System solution using a fusion of sensors providing location, imagery and point cloud; Flexible GNSS RTK Receivers have RTX capabilities to provide Satellite correction service and offer sub-meter to centimeter positioning accuracy.  


SatLab Geosolutions is a Swedish based company specialized in global satellite positioning products and solutions. Founded by a bunch of aroused and pioneering engineers, with a complete of over forty years of expertise within the GNSS trade, the management team is formed up focusing on analysis and development, the SatLab Geosolutions team works round the clock to make an innovative product for surveying professionals across the world, providing superior complete solutions.

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