CEO Björn Ågårdh has bid good bye to Satlab Geosolutions

Sweden, 1 January 2019

Björn Ågårdh, the chief executive to Satlab Geosolutions, has officially retired after running the company for eight years. He hands the reins over to J.W Chen in December 2018.

“It has been an amazing pleasure and satisfaction to see the development of the Satlab brand over these 8 years since we have founded the company. Having the opportunity to work with so many brilliant people and amazing projects around the world is an honour. Moving on from such a wonderful organisation is sort of bittersweet, but I know that it is left in great hands – a smart dedicated management team and a new competent CEO. I am confident that Satlab will continue to develop and thrive to become one of the major player in the surveying and GIS industry.”

Björn Ågårdh, Outgoing CEO

“Taking over to lead the company from Bjorn is a big challenge, as he had built the team and laid a strong foundation that is fundamental to Satlab today. His belief in advancing the Satlab technologies through the continuance of relentless pursuance of research and development is the true Swedish spirit. Together with the existing core team of Satlab, we will continue to work towards keeping the Swedish philosophy of Egalitarian management, while pushing product development to greater heights. We will continue to bring in new disruptive technologies and innovative products to help you build your future with accuracy and precision, evolving Satlab into a solutions provider for the Geospatial industry.”

J.W Chen, CEO

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About Satlab Geosolutions

Satlab Geosolutions is a Swedish based global satellite positioning solutions company with offices strategically located around the world. Founded by a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry, the management team is made up of veteran industry experts who value our customers’ needs. Focusing on research and development, the Satlab Geosolutions team works around the clock to create innovative products for surveying professionals across the globe, providing superior complete solutions to build the future with accuracy and precision.